“Education is what drives me, but as important is jobs and protecting labor rights. In my mind, labor rights are civil rights. The best way that I can support my community is by protecting the rights of labor.”

Sheryl Kennedy

Quality Education

Our students in Michigan are worth fighting for. That’s why I worked with both parties to form the Educators’ Caucus in 2019. I’m also the primary co-sponsor of the bipartisan MI Reconnect Grant Program, which provides skills training for Michigan workers. I also introduced the MI Opportunity Initiative, which would expand access to community college and increased opportunities for students pursuing careers in skilled trades through technical education.

Commitment to Our Healthcare

We still have work to do to support all those who are suffering economically. I helped push for $150 million in emergency coronavirus relief for Michigan residents. I’m also leading the effort to restore earned paid sick leave for 1.7 million Michigan workers who are unable to utilize paid sick time due to the action taken in 2018.

Employment Protections for All

Earning a fair living wage should give workers financial security to build a life and save for their children’s education. I’m the co-sponsor of legislation to restore the prevailing wage so Michigan workers are compensated fairly for their labor. We also need to repeal right-to-work so Michiganders have the ability to bargain together for fair wages, safe working conditions, and more.

Protecting Our Waters

Contaminant leaks, whether large or small, are a threat to the health of our community and our environment. When harmful chemicals were first found in our groundwater, we knew that this problem could quickly become a disaster. I secured $1.1 million in funding for repairs to Richfield Landfill — a win for the environment and our local taxpayers.

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