We are in a crisis!


  • Did you know multiple State Colleges and Universities are eliminating  their teacher education programs?

  • Did you know existing teacher education programs are 30% of what they were only five or six years ago?

  • Did you know we are currently experiencing a teacher shortage throughout Michigan?  

  • Did you know class sizes have increased upwards of 20% in the last 10 years?  

  • Did you know research shows the best education a child can receive is in their public school?  


I live this every day.  By the time our legislators figure out that we are in a real crisis, it will take another two - four years to increase educational funding to a point we are once again recruiting teacher candidates.  Then it will take an additional five years to educate a new teacher.  We are running out of time.  This needs to be addressed now!!

I think I am like most people who tend to see both sides of most situations. I don't want someone to tell me what my values should be, and I really have no interest in telling you what your values should be. Values are personal, and morality should not be legislated.


Our Story

We adopted our daughter, Karissa when she was five. When we received her into our foster home, she had never been to preschool, Head Start, or been in any similar environment, yet she started kindergarten alongside every other child her age.

We knew we had to work hard to get Karissa caught up. We brought all of our combined teacher tools to bare. And still, it took Karissa until her freshman year to be fully caught-up to her grade level in reading. It was hard for us, but mostly, it was hard for her. She was behind her peers, and keenly aware of it.

But what if Karissa had access to free childcare and preschool from the beginning? Sure, she could have gone to Head Start - but her family, and many other families like hers, didn’t have access to the resources or transportation necessary to get her there.

It’s at-risk kids like Karissa that need to be entered into the system of education from day 1 in the hospital. Starting with ongoing in-home parent training for the first year of their life, then a follow-up at ages 2, 4 and 6 to not only make sure education is occurring, but also to provide families with the tools they need to raise healthy, happy kids.


These investments would pay off exponentially for families across Michigan. Not only in terms of social stability, but also in tax dollars, when these children become active members of society

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